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Credo Beauty "Advicer"

Kevin Fandino

Just in time for Valentine's Day, our Alpyn Crush Kevin Fandino (or better know on instagram as @ke_valentine). A self-proclaimed "Beauty Advicer" who we know and love from Credo Beauty, we caught up with Kevin for a little Q&A to get your skin prepped for Valentine's Day.


Alpyn: So, since we’re nearing Valentine’s Day, we’re curious how you came to your Instagram handle: @ke_valentine…

Kevin: It really sprung from me growing up in the Catholic Church. At a certain point we have to take on a Saint’s name, and I thought taking on St. Valentine would have been cute with the ladies and make me look smooth. Funny how that worked out 😉


Alpyn: Through your work at Credo Beauty, you call yourself a “Personal Beauty Advicer.” What do you love most about clean beauty?

Kevin: At the end of the day, I love cosmetics as a whole, but what I love about clean beauty, in general, is that you can achieve what you want minus the harsh toxins and live a better lifestyle…a cleaner lifestyle.


Alpyn: What is your favorite Alpyn Beauty product? Any pro-tips?

Kevin: My favorite Alpyn Beauty product is the Melt Moisturizer. I love this for makeup prep. For most complexions, it goes on smooth and creates a really great silk canvas. And my pro-tip is taking a little bit of the eye-cream after doing your complexion, and patting it into your highpoints around your eyes and making a nice highlight that looks super natural and fresh.


Alpyn: What is your go-to Valentine’s Day skin look?

Kevin: My go-to Valentine’s Day look is not the heavy contour and smokey eye, it’s really a nice, simple fresh-face, nude-lip look…something monocratic. Keep it simple, don’t over-stress it and accentuate your favorite parts. Be it your cheekbones, your lips or eyes. Keep it nice and light.

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