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alpyn beauty lip mask

Meet Our Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask

We're pleased to introduce our latest wildcrafted wonder: Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask!  It's a total breakthrough–double tap to unlock lip-quenching hydration for softer, smoother, more cushiony lips.

What It Does

Our every day, anytime lip treatment powered by sweet agave and hyaluronic acid for cushiony, fuller-looking lips and willow bark to smooth and soften lips.

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Ingredient Highlights: Where Wildcrafted Meets Clinical

Sweet Blue Agave Leaf:
Delivers lip-quenching, skin-smoothing hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid:
Binds moisture for added fullness.

Willow Bark (from Jackson Hole, WY):
Nature’s salicylic acid exfoliates, smooths and softens.

alpyn lip mask


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