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Shrink the look of pores without drying out your skin

Visibly improve skin with a leave-on liquid exfoliator that:

  • Shrinks the look of enlarged pores
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Brightens skin tone

CLINICAL RESULTS after 2 weeks

  • 97% agreed skin had a healthier glow
  • 94% agreed skin was smoother and softer
  • 91% agreed skin was gently exfoliated and more balanced
  • 85% agreed skin was brighter and less congested

In a consumer-testing panel of 35 subjects



Start with a clean dry face.

Step 2

Apply to face and neck daily, AM and/or PM with fingertips or cotton ball. Do not rinse.

Step 3

Follow with serum or moisturizer of choice (PRO TIP: Pairs well with Melt Moisturizer).

“I’ve struggled with acne and blemishes, this product tells me that people are listening, it makes me feel heard, it makes me feel beautiful”

– Siera

“Feeling more and more confident in how I look, and friends and family can tell I’m feeling clear, hydrated and healthy”

– Lily

“Having clear skin just gives me the freedom to do whatever I want with myself, like If I want to wear my hair up I can wear my hair up, if I want to wear it down I can wear it down, if I want to wear full coverage foundation I can, if I want to wear tinted moisturizer I can, which is - I think it’s a very nice thing to have”

– Adam

Pore Perfecting Liquid with 2% BHA + Borage